MOLL T5 DESK ONLY (Colour: Beige)

MOLL T5 DESK ONLY (Colour: Beige)

The moll T5 adjusts to anything

Body size, strength, structure — everyone has their own characteristics and ways of working. The moll T5 adapts to it all. Its moll E1 extension creates additional room and free space on the desk.

With the express height adjustment, the moll T5 can be adjusted to the right height in seconds with just a grip of the hand. The patented moll technology does without electricity and cables. With the optionally available height adapter, the desk can be brought up to 124 cm.

Desk with Express height adjustment


Width 86 cm

Depth 72 cm

Height 69-114 cm

Weight 62 kg


Tilted desktop

Drawer with compartments

Covered cable duct with large volume support

Optional height adapter +10 cm

Easy up and down: Ergonomically correct work means regularly switching between sitting and standing activity at the desk. Thanks to the express height adjustment, the correct, healthiest posture can be matched to a given work situation with just the grip of a hand.

Whether sitting or standing work – the intuitive lever adjustment makes operation easy. Simply pull and release when the desired height is reached.