Unique Design Grows With Your Child

Children learn better when they are comfortable. This German designed chair by Moll® adjusts to offer personalized ergonomic benefits for tots and teens alike.

Fully Adjustable for Comfort at Every Age

The seat height, seat depth and backrest height adjust independently with easy-to-operate levers. Maximo Chair conforms to your individual needs and can be adjusted anytime to match your child's growth.

The Best Seat in the House

The seat and oscillating backrest are ergonomically shaped to ensure healthy posture and reduce back strain. A wide five-armed base provides stability and prevents the chair from tipping. A secret compartment on the bottom of the chair adds more fun to Maximo Chair's functionality.

Product Specifications

  • Seat height, seat depth and backrest height adjust independently with stainless steel sliding guides and levers.
  • Finish the top of the seat column with a cap or handle (both included).
  • Wide base prevents tipping.
  • Universal rolling casters provide mobility on bare floors and carpet.
  • Easily lock the chair from swiveling so your child remains attentive and focused.
  • TurnStop feature locks the rolling casters when needed.
  • Washable, removable seat and backrest covers.
  • Available in Black, Blue, Galaxy, Green, Grey, Orange, Pink, Red, Rose and Wonderland.
  • Matches Moll Champion Desk and Accessories.

Dimensions (in inches): 21.3 H x 26.8 W x 16.8 D
Adjustable height range (in inches): 11.02-21.26
Suitable for child height of 3.6 feet to 6.4 feet 
Weight limit: 80 kg or 176 lb.