Energy saving lamp that offers custom light angles for your workspace

With energy saving lighting, multiple angles and a mobile clamp foot, the Mobilight provides optimal light to the workplace. Handle and reflector covers come in seven accent colors that can be changed with just a few hand movements. Light mounts flexibly to prevent unwanted shadows from the user arm. The lamp head can also be modified for right or left handed users. The clamp foot allows the lamp to easily attach to the Moll Champion Desk or Moll Joker Desk and it quickly slides to where light is needed. The 11-watt low energy lamp gives off the same light as a 75-watt bulb. Clever swivel joints and a 90° reflector optimally illuminate the work surface.

Product Specifications

  • Swivel joints allow arm to bend
  • Cost efficient lamp has effectiveness of 75-watt bulb in an 11-watt bulb
  • Fits around desks with a thickness between .51"-1.57"
  • Easy to mount
  • Colored handle and reflective covers available in seven luminous tones
  • Available in Silver
  • Dimensions (in inches): 22.44" x 17.13" x 6.3"

Technical Specifications

  • Technology: Illuminants
  • Luminous flex: 900 lm
  • Connected load: 11W
  • Light control: Not dimmable
  • Light head: 16.53" x 2.36"